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Spaceman Frozen Cocktail Machines

Here’s a little riddle for you.  How do you turn a ten dollar margarita into a twelve dollar margarita?

The answer is simple, freeze it.  That’s right, because Spaceman frozen cocktail machines automatically increase the value of a drink.  Same cost of product, more cash in your pocket.  Could it be any easier?

Your customers will not only love the novelty, but they will pay more for it as well. Spaceman frozen beverage machines are so simple to use and come in many different styles, so there’s one out there that will work for you.  When you add frozen drinks to your menu, you add a little frivolity as well.  Let’s face it, no one associates a frozen Pina Colada with a funeral, it’s more like a little vacation in a glass.

If more operating profit was the only reason to use this type of equipment, that would probably be reason enough, but there are additional benefits as well that make a compelling argument for Spaceman.  These machines increase quality, decrease noise, produce volume, maintain consistency, and reduce waste.

sani serve frozen margartia machineHard to believe?  Well, let’s consider the facts.  As far as quality, a Spaceman frozen cocktail machine will make a creamy texture, with much better tongue appeal than the gritty -icy blender product.  Also, since the cocktail mix is pre-made in batches, and poured into a machine with constant settings, there is virtually no variation in consistency, as opposed to individual drink making, where the ingredient usage is most likely eyeballed with plenty of margin for variation not to mention the actual blending time which is not usually kept with a stop watch.  Noise? No need to make much of an argument here, if you’ve ever heard a blender grinding ice cubes. Sort of negates the performance of that expensive sound system you bought.  Speaking about volume, what happens when a four-top of ladies from the bowling league all order frozen margaritas?  A good guess is that any customers at the bar that want to order will have to wait until the bartender finishes working a margarita assembly line.  A  Spaceman frozen beverage machine could have poured out those babies in no time flat.  And waste?  How about all the extra product that is either dumped or comp’d because of overfill in the blender cup?  It could add up to gallons on a busy night.  With a Spaceman, the glass is filled, not the blender cup.

At Icesurance, we provide the full selection of Spaceman equipment and offer several options including rental, finance or purchasing.  Give us a call and we will be happy to help you determine if frozen cocktail machines are a good fit for your business.

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