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Have You Reviewed Your Ice Machine’s Performance?

The weather has changed and winter, no matter how long it has taken, is finally upon us.  For commercial ice machines, this is the off season.  It’s ironic as our dependency on ice certainly goes down with the mercury while our dear old ice machines thumb their collective noses at us by not only producing more ice, but they seem to be more reliable, too.  The irony however presents an opportunity.  This is the perfect time to sit down and do a little ice prep for next spring.  Here’s a few ideas to help you to review the ice machine performance from the prior season.

Total of all repair bills for the ice machine?

Total of all bills for purchases of ice?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much aggravation did the ice machine cause?

You may be surprised if you take the time to add up all the repair & ice bills. Often a bill for one or two hundred dollars doesn’t get noticed when it comes in once every few weeks adding up silently over the course of the spring and summer to 1000.00 or more.  Do you really know how much you are spending to keep your commercial ice machine running? This expense will help gauge the viability of a replacement ice machine.

Additionally, the off season is an excellent time to do some routine cleaning and maintenance on your commercial ice maker, change the water filters, and blow out the condenser.  All of this will help your equipment stay clean and run better.

At Icesurance, we provide cleaning and preventative maintenance as a part of our full service ice machine leasing program, which also incorporates service with parts & labor and free ice in event of a mechanical malfunction.  Here’s hoping the winter treats you kindly, and call us if you have any questions. 800-999-5616

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