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The Difference Between the Acceptable Range of Operating Conditions with the Actual Ability to Produce Ice

The cost of hot air.  In the last blog, we spoke about some of the operating issues that impair the ability of self-contained air cooled commercial ice machines to function properly.

All of these were related to air flow and ventilation.  So, on a related topic, I would like to address some of the other misconceptions regarding self- contained air cooled commercial ice machines.

First of all, most manufacturers provide production data that calculates lbs. of production within the following parameters: 50F-70F water temperature and 70F-90F air temperature.  This would be great information if the real world existed within the same temperature ranges, however it does not.

For example, the Kold-Draft GB1064AC series ice maker specifications show that as the water/air temperatures increase from 50/70 to 70/90, there will be a compensating reduction in output from 906 lbs. per day to 725 lbs. per day, a loss of 181 lbs per day, or 20%.  One may make the assumption that the declining production trend will maintain the same trajectory as the air or water temperatures increase, but that would be a mistake as the production drop will accelerate once past the 90/70 barrier.

It is important not to confuse the acceptable range of operating conditions with actual ability to produce ice.  After all, a commercial ice machine producing less than half its optimum production because it is in an environment with 110F air temperature is still by definition, “operating”.  The onus of replacing this amount of lost ice will fall on the restaurant in the purchase of extra ice or an additional machine, relocating the equipment, or upgrading the existing HVAC system, all of which comes not without spending a considerable sum of money.

So, if you have a situation where an ice machine will not work properly, it might be worthwhile to check into the alternatives of remote air-cooled or water cooled equipment.  At Icesurance, we will always help you select the most appropriate equipment for your business.

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