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Ice-O-Matic Nugget Ice Machines are in High Demand this Summer

ice-o-matic- flake ice machine, nugget ice machine, pellet ice machineAs mentioned in a prior post, Kold-Draft commercial ice machines, producers of the classic square cube, have enjoyed a great resurgence in popularity due to the efforts of mixologists who have successfully raised the role of ice from a simple source of refrigeration to a critical ingredient of a fine cocktail.

It would, however, be a mistake to assume that these innovators of beverage engineering would ever think that one ice form, no matter how perfect it is, would be able to meet the culinary and aesthetic standards of every single drink currently served, or imagined.  That’s the reason we see other ice forms emerging which encompass all types of geometric shapes and some not so geometric as well.

These choices are either homemade, carved out of a block of ice, or supplied by specialty ice distributors, and add a truly unique (and very expensive) aspect in consideration of historical experiences.  There is, however an additional choice that has gained an enthusiastic response, and is produced in an on premise ice machine; nugget ice.

lanikai1-3.jpgIce-O-Matic commercial nugget ice machines, also known as pellet machines, or chewable ice machines produce a compressed nugget, fairly uniform in shape, like a pencil eraser, and creates a spectacular presentation.  Nugget ice is an excellent choice for any beverage that was traditionally made in a blender or with crushed ice.  Aside from an intrinsic attraction to the size and shape of nugget ice, it has an unusual property in that it actually absorbs flavor from the beverage which is a huge compliment to the fact that it chewable.  Ice-O-Matic nugget ice machines are compact, only 22” wide, and is a value added product for any purveyor of fine spirits.

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