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Kold-Draft Classic Square Cubes

I was speaking with Signori X just the other day.  You probably know of him, he’s an icon in the restaurant & lounge scene, and easily recognized by the floor length cape made from artisan prosciutto and aged Grana Padano.  Some of his venues set the standard for international sheik, and are patronized by celebs, debutantes and hedge funders, founders and finders alike.  He had just returned from the soft opening of Schmaltz, in Dubai, and we were discussing the ice machines for his new Westside Asian Fusion Lounge and hair salon project:  Medusa  A La Mode .

“X”, I said, “how do you envision the role of ice in your new space?”  From behind dark glasses he replied tersely: “ Cubes do not roll,  especially Kold-Draft ice cubes, the classic American square ice cube.”   “Brilliant”, I said, “these spectacular ice cubes make total sense”.   Again the legend with the sea urchin smile (with essence of mint and caper berry vapor) corrected me.  “cents?  no, no my friend,  dollars.”  Well, I might as well have been in Mumbai because the only thought I had was “Holy Cow, this guy is gouda. “How does serving the perfect square cube translate into ch-ching”, I queried?

The impresario was obviously taken aback.  He sternly stared me down with balsamic reduction eyes and flaring escargot nostrils. Yet with the paternal grace of a venerable sensei, he laid it out like a sushi roll, in digestible pieces.  “The ice is not merely a refrigerant, it is an ingredient.  We are particular about the quality of the spirits we serve and we don’t want to mitigate the customer experience by pouring them over inferior ice.  The Kold-Draft classic square cube elevates the esthetic elegance and it doesn’t over dilute the balance of flavor.  If chilling was all that mattered, you could keep the bottle in the fridge and use paper cups.  We don’t serve a 20 year aged single malt over the same ice that comes with a Happy Meal”.


Kold-Draft equipment is available from Icesurance.   We specialize in full service ice machine leasing, ice machine sales, and service.

This above is based on an untrue story.  The names have not been changed to protect the indolent.

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