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How Ice Can Affect Your Enjoyment of Your Drink

Putting ice in our drinks has become so commonplace in America that we don’t think twice about whether or not the drink needs it. Sodas from fast food restaurants are almost expected to be three quarters full of ice, and some restaurants have even begun marketing their ice. A culture of ice appreciation has risen up within the American masses, and yet people still fail to truly appreciate and understand that some ice is better than others, especially in specific drinks.

Some drinks we know are best without any ice at all, such as red wine. Other drinks like soda or juice are good with any ice, because they are best served cold and don’t lose a significant amount of taste or flavor when diluted by a small amount of ice. Some of the more expensive drinks, such as cocktails and liquors, benefit from just the right type and amount of ice.

There are many benefits to adding ice to your beverage. Some of these are dependent upon the type of drink.

  • Ice cools a drink: Most people prefer a cooled drink versus room temperature.
  • Crushed ice is fun to eat: Part of the culture of ice appreciation is a surprising interest in chewing ice. Many people chew crushes ice or nugget ice on a regular basis to keep their mouths busy.
  • Ice cubes cool a drink slowly: For people who wish to enjoy their drink over a long period of time, ice cubes are the perfect option. They cool the drink slowly and without diluting it too much or too quickly.
  • Large ice cubes look good: When you picture a scotch on the rocks, you do not imagine it filled with crushed ice from the local fast food joint or deli. A scotch with one to three classic cubes of ice is what we have come to expect.
  • Ice will dilute your drink: For certain drinks this is a preferred, as some liquors benefit from slight dilution.
  • The wrong ice can detract from the taste of a beverage: Daiquiris and margaritas served with large ice cubes are simply not as good as those served with crushed or flaked ice.

When buying a drink at an upscale bar, take note of how the bartenders serve the drinks. Many bars are making special efforts to serve the best ice with their drinks, and the effort shows in the quality of their beverages. Scotches are served with ice that has been recently frozen to a very low temperature and cut into large, perfectly shaped cubes. Slushy cocktails are served with cold, finely shaved ice that cools the drink quickly but doesn’t melt too fast.

There is a perfect ice for every drink, and at Icesurance we have the right commercial ice machine to meet all of your customers’ expectations.

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