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Knowing Your Choices for Different Kinds of Ice

There are many different types of ice and shapes of ice. Whether dining out at a restaurant or ordering a cocktail at a bar, the type of ice used in your beverage means a lot. The difference between a good drink and a great drink may not be the liquid in your beverage, but the ice that accompanies it!

Nugget Ice

Perhaps the greatest thing about nugget ice is its versatility. Nugget ice is used in everything from beverages to food displays. While nugget ice is small in size in comparison to crushed ice, nugget ice has a shape that is fun and whimsical. Nugget ice is also chewable and is the form of ice that creates the most elaborate cocktails.

Nugget ice isn’t perfect for every beverage. Its smaller size means it melts faster than large cubes. When using in beverages, be sure to use nugget ice where dilution will not disrupt taste.

Half Cube Ice

Half cube ice is perfect for blended drinks because it is small and breaks down easily, creating a smooth, easy to drink product. The ice packs tightly into a glass and too much ice can easily dilute beverages. Half cube ice can boost profits because drinkers get more ice in relation to liquid. The ice quickly cools beverages and is ideal for soft drinks or iced coffees.

Half cube ice makers come in several models. There are standalone machines, under counter machines, and combination ice machine and bin units.

Full Cube Ice

Full cube ice offers an old-fashioned, classic look that will be noticed by guests. Full cubes are excellent when making cocktails or drinking a spirit. The benefit of cubes is the ability to stack them so that the ice reaches from bottom to top, cooling the drink without requiring a lot of ice.

Machine Brands and Ice Types

There are many brands of icemakers, and Icesurance carries many reliable machines. Each brand name carries several types of ice makers that vary by size and model.

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