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Getting Bang for Your Buck: Used Ice Machines

From first time business owners to experienced ones, there is a common thread. They both need to make smart decisions and budget finances accordingly if they want their operation to be successful. One way to do this is by purchasing or leasing used ice equipment. People often have questions and concerns when purchasing used items, so let us dispel any doubts about buying a used ice machine from Icesurance.

The major benefit of buying a used ice machine is cost savings. At Icesurance, all our machines come with a warranty, which provides protection without the high price tag. We love knowing that business owners can take money saved by going with a used model and putting it toward reinvesting capital into their business.

Think of shopping for a used ice machine much like you would a used vehicle. There are a number of options available which will save you money, but use caution and evaluate which is best for you. Before you commit to a purchase, take the following steps:

Evaluate Your Needs: When shopping for an ice machine, make sure you have clearly established exactly what you need.

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Carefully evaluate what you need the machine to produce. By researching available options beforehand.

Consult a Professional: A representative often can give helpful advice and estimate possible future repair costs down the road. These are experts in the field and their opinions can be trusted.

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At Icesurance we provide a large selection of used and reconditioned machines and our name says it all. We provide ice and insurance; all our machines are backed by high-quality warranties. Buying a used ice machine from Icesurance is worry-free, and we are willing to ship anywhere! The brands we feature include Kold Draft, Ice O Matic, Sani Serv, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc and Scotsman. Before you buy your next used ice machine, contact us today at (800) 999-5616.

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