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Cool Ways to Use Ice at Amusement Parks

Ice plays a pivotal role in ensuring your guests’ happiness just about everywhere, but this is especially true in the most crowded of public places. Amusement parks are no exception. No matter what the season, amusement parks house large crowds of people, all of whom need to be adequately served. Whether its drinks or frozen treats, patrons of an amusement park will no doubt purchase products made by ice machines.

The key to successful use of ice machines at an amusement park is to offer patrons a variety. From crushed ice to frozen cocktails, successful amusement parks offer it all. For inspiration on ice machine options for an amusement park, consider the following options.


Offer Crushed Ice

Spice up concession stands by serving colas, teas, lemonades, and fresh-squeezed juices with ice from a crushed ice machine. Most people tend to better enjoy their drinks when they come served with crushed ice, meaning a higher percentage of repeat purchasers, resulting in more revenue and profit. Customers will appreciate crushed ice because it allows more ice in the serving cup, meaning the drinks will stay colder longer. It also means less beverage product in the cup due to the increased volume of ice, again leading to repeat purchasers and more profit.

Tasty Soft Serve Machines

Everyone loves a frozen ice treat, especially when it’s during a trip to the amusement park. Soft serve machines offer a staple amusement park treat for kids of all ages, as well as adults. The lease or purchase of a soft serve machine comes with many options that amusement park patrons will appreciate. These machines have come a long way since plain vanilla, chocolate, and swirl – the available flavors are nearly endless. Machines available for use at amusement parks include yogurt machines, shake machines, and combination machines. The amusement park experience is not complete without soft serve!

Don’t Forget the Beverage Freezers

Frozen beverages are an amusement park must have – they’re simple, delicious, and provide a satisfying treat to people of all ages. Options include the creation of a fruity frozen beverage or unique frozen cocktail. These ice machines have the ability to serve a diverse crowd, which is definitely the typical crowd at an amusement park. Children will enjoy the sweet deliciousness of a frozen treat, and adults will appreciate a fun spin on an alcoholic beverage. Amusement parks should consider frozen cocktail freezers and beverage freezers in order to please a diverse crowd.

Of course, amusement parks will utilize other ice machine options such as undercounter ice machines for quick service. Other possibilities include nugget ice or classic cube. Truth be told: amusement parks can use it all, and successful ones will utilize as many options as possible. A perfect day at an amusement park surely includes a soft ice cream cone, frozen cocktail, or, at the very least, a refreshing fountain soda. A proper ice machine variety is key to the success of an amusement park.


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