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4 Incredible Cocktail Recipes to Make With Nugget Ice

Although nugget ice is the most versatile ice product available for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, many bartenders underutilize the product. Nugget ice can really make your drinks shine! If you’re searching for some exciting drink options that you can use with nugget ice, try out the following recipes!

Mango Iced Tea

For a cool drink on a hot summer day, turn to this delicious mango iced tea. Iced tea becomes ubiquitous during the summer months, so a splash of mango spices things up.


-          1 cup of nugget ice

-          8 oz. of freshly brewed iced tea

-          1 oz. of your favorite mango syrup

-          ½ a lemon

-          A few chunks of pineapple

Mix your iced tea and mango syrup together thoroughly. Pour the mixture over your nugget ice, adding more ice if needed. Squeeze a dash of lemon into the drink, and then use the pineapple as garnish.

If a bartender wishes to add a splash of alcohol, try some spiced rum! Your customers will love this refreshing twist on standard iced tea.

Bourbon Mint Julep

A classic bourbon mint julep is always going to be a popular option for nugget ice. Nugget ice will look cool and enticing when mixed with mint and bourbon!


-          Mint leaves from 4-5 sprigs of mint

-          ½ oz. of simple syrup

-          2 ½ oz. of your favorite bourbon

-          A mint sprig for garnish

-          Plenty of nugget ice

Although this drink is simple, it is high impact! In a glass, muddle the mint and simple syrup to release the aroma and flavor of the fresh mint leaves. Pour the bourbon into the mixture and gently stir it in. Fill your glass with nugget ice and serve chilled!

Bonus tip: Try infusing your simple syrup with mint, to enhance this flavor in the drink.

Summer Fruit Smoothie

Many bartenders prefer using nugget ice in their blended drinks because it makes creamier smoothies. This fruity drink will hit the spot for patrons looking for a healthy but tasty option!


-          3 cups of chilled pineapple juice

-          2 ripe bananas

-          3 teaspoons of agave

-          Juice of ½ a lime

-          1 cup of nugget ice

-          Fresh strawberries for garnish

Add all of the ingredients except the strawberries to a blender and blend until smooth. Slice the strawberries and add as a garnish. Serve in a chilled glass!

Ginger-Whiskey Refresher

Although this drink is very simple, it is a perennial favorite with nugget ice. The clear amber appearance of the drink is highlighted by nugget ice.

-          8 oz. of your preferred ginger ale

-          1 ½ oz. of your favorite whiskey

-          Nugget ice

-          A dash of lime juice

Pour the ginger ale and whiskey over the nugget ice and stir gently. Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice for added interest. Serve cold and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing look of nugget ice in your drink!

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