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Hop on the Frozen Yogurt Trend with Spaceman Machines

Many dessert trends have come and gone in the restaurant world, but soft serve frozen yogurt and ice cream has been one of the most enduring. Customers love soft serve frozen yogurt and ice cream because these delicious desserts can be customized in any number of ways – in their base flavor, in toppings, and in quantity – to suit anyone’s desires. If your restaurant has not yet invested in a soft serve ice cream machine, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

Including a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine or Frozen Yogurt Machine in Your Business Model

spaceman soft serve machine

A soft serve ice cream machine is a great

way for your business to make extra money while also appealing to a wide range of customers. Businesses that already have a soft serve ice cream machine have told us the following:

  • Their soft serve ice cream machine allows them to customize the desserts that they are able to offer their customers. From the flavors they can carry to the toppings that they can provide, soft serve ice cream machines show the customers that their needs come first.
  • Frozen yogurt machines actually save them money in the long run. For the most part, customers can serve themselves, and, because they are often charged by weight, the soft serve machine eventually pays for itself.
  • Soft serve machines & frozen yogurt machines increase their customer-base by attracting people who would not have previously visited the restaurant.

Clearly, adding a soft serve ice cream machine to your restaurant is a great way to keep costs low while also increasing profit!

One Machine, Thousands of Options

One of the best things about soft serve ice cream is that it is almost entirely customizable. In fact, many customers won’t be satisfied with the traditional three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and swirl – and why should they be? Try getting creative with the flavors that you offer your customers: you can add cinnamon to a vanilla ice cream base for a Latin twist, or add mint flavoring to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. With the chocolate base, you can add chipotle flavoring to turn up the heat, or keep things cool by including shavings of good chocolate.

Mix up your offerings every day, or advertise special flavors on certain days of the week. No matter what flavors you decide to create, a soft serve ice cream machine gives you, and your customers, plenty of opportunities to be creative.

IceSurance also offers finance and leasing options on all of our Spaceman soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines. Call us today for more information 800-999-5616!

  • Ernie Bybee says:

    I was checking on soft serve ice cream maker (to serve 150 people) at our distribution center and if you lease these machines?? And what the monthly rate would be.

    December 2, 2014 at 1:42 pm
    • admin says:

      Hi Ernie, please call us at (800) 999-5616 to discuss, thanks!

      December 2, 2014 at 2:23 am

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